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There is no sun, only the moon during the time of KAAMOS.

And as the people of Finland wait for the first light of the sun, we wait for a beam of light.

A beam of light which breaks through the darkness of the cinema. 

A beam of light which takes us to new worlds.


KAAMOS FILM, was founded in 2008 by Lucia Scharbatke.




Lucia Scharbatke was born in 1982 near Nuremberg. She received a Diploma in Law from the University of Passau in 2008 and a Diploma in Productions and Media Business from the University of Television and Film Munich in 2013. From October 2012 until September 2015 she worked as an lecturer at the faculty of Feature Film and Televison Feature at the University of Television and Film. From October 2015 until September 2018 she worked as a Producer and Director Productions for TRIXTERproductions and TRIXTERpictures. 


She lectures at the Technical University of Nuremberg Georg-Simon-Ohm "Producing Film and Animation", "Producer`s View" and "Media Law".


Her films were awarded at numerous national and international film festivals such as Hamptons International Film Festival, Rhode Island International Film Festival, Stony Brook or Dragon Con.

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