Sobota is a man without morals, without remorse. In the 1960's, he was known as the most notorious pimp and merciless thug in Vienna’s red-light-district. Later he became the author of one of the most demonized and top-selling Austrian autobiographies. His provocative reports have been a golden opportunity for the media, who mystified him and created an image of the ultimate "bad boy". But where does the fascination for the dark side of life come from? What is left of him today, over thirty years after the publishing of his memoirs? The film does not search for Sobota's supposed motives, but for the abysmal human character in each of us.


Heinz Sobota, Verena Sobota & Lilly Gropper



Director & Screenplay: Marie Elisa Scheidt

DoP: Julian Krubasik

Sounddesign: Clemens Becker

Music: Rejnik Lynur

Editor: Marie Elisa Scheidt & Lucia Scharbatke

Production: KAAMOS FILM in coproduction with Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München​


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